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Modesto Garage Door Inspection Sheet

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Keep your Garage Doors working for years with an Inspection Sheet

The constant use of a garage door is going to result in some wear and tear on the hundreds of garage door parts. We recommend that you make monthly inspections to keep your garage door in perfect working order. The following Garage Door Inspection Sheet is for those Valuemax customers who prefer to do their own preventive maintenance. This Garage Door Inspection Sheet is manageable. Simply follow these guidelines to make sure that your garage door continues to operate efficiently. Take advantage of this as it covers all the parts of a garage door. To keep your costs down and your garage door functioning properly you should begin practicing preventive garage door maintenance. This Inspection Sheet is a form of maintenance and not repair. The prepared list will help to keep your garage door, opener, racks, and other components in working order:

    Garage door opener:
  • Control Panel / Remotes / Keyless Entry
  • Safety Sensor
  • Motor / Gear
  • Safety Reverse / Limit Switch
  • Boom / Trolley
  • Bellwire

Keep your owner's manual close to your garage door for additional maintenance tips and procedures. It is best that you cycle your Modesto garage door opener several times to inspect each item on the above list. Do not take shortcuts by attempting to check several of these items all at the same time. Look for any part of the garage door that is binding or stops during the opening or closing process. All openers also have an automatic reverse built in which is designed to sense the pressure which occurs when an object is squeezed against the garage floor. This can be checked with a piece of wood on the floor. Check the safety sensor to see that it interrupts appropriately when the beam is broken. Also, put your garage door in manual mode and see if it lifts evenly and smoothly.

    Garage door:
  • Springs
  • Cables
  • Safety Cable
  • Door Balance
  • Pulleys
  • Tracks
  • Bearings
  • Hinges
  • Rollers
  • Strut / Truss Rod
  • Brackets
  • Panel Condition
  • Bottom Weather Seal
  • Drums

We do not recommend that you check several items at one time as you may miss a malfunction. Run each one of the above through a garage door through an opening and closing cycle. Look for signs of wear, stress, or tears in the metal or other places. Remember that you have a certified Valuemax Garage Door Modesto technician to respond to your questions and also whatever you require to remedy your garage door problems. Call us at: 1-209-566-0630 or toll-free at (866)575-9050 for the Modesto area or for the cities of Bakersfield, Stockton, Merced, Tracy, Madera, Fresno, Turlock, and Manteca use our toll free telephone number.

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